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Tis official, I am in love with the Christchurch hair. It is my most favorite style Kate has everworn.

I wish she had bangs/fringe. I just freaking love the look bangs have, and I think she looked phenoooo-menal with them.

That is all. Carry on.


where were you? why do you keep disappearing?

Hahaha, working a full-time job and being a Mommy takes up a lot of my time so I only creep on here every once in a while when I wonder what the royals are up to.

I hold babies like Kate does quite a bit. Sometimes it's just more comfortable, and it's the way I like to hold babies.

Having a baby myself, I do agree to this to a point. I personally find it very cumbersome to hold my baby like that when walking up and down stairs because it alters my center of gravity. I tend to use that hold when I’m walking on a flat service and there’s a lot of activity that Rosaline wants to investigate.

Kate holds George like that to avoid any drool or spit-up accidents on her outfit. Not a bad thing, but that’s the only reason I can see for her doing that, especially while walking up a flight of stairs (because it’s hard as hell to do that while walking up stairs.) Just a thought…

I’m about done with you damn people who rag on Zara for not losing the baby weight. Do you know how hard it is to lose all those pounds? You have to be up when your baby is up, feed them when they want it, change their diaper when they need it, bathe them, feed yourself, find time for you to sleep, clean up the house, bathe yourself, have time alone with your husband to continue bonding, cook for the other members of your family, talk to people that want to congratulate you on your arrival, and work at your job. It’s fucking hard! Weight is the last thing on your mind…until people like you bring it up. Yes, some women have gotten back down to their perfect bod in a short amount of time (see Kate Middleton and Heidi Klum), but that’s not the case for all women. Each body is different. Some take longer to “snap back,” some exercise more, and some just won’t go back to their normal size. But through all of that, a new mother does not need your worthless hurtful words thrown at them when they  - these wonderful new mothers - have brought something so beautiful and precious into this world. Until you have one of your own and know that struggles that come with having a baby, you have no right commenting on this matter.

PS: I was really inspired to write this after seeing Anna’s post from a day ago:

Now that I finally have a little time to myself, I would like for y’all to meet my beautiful baby girl, Rosaline Mae (pronounced Rose-uh-line). She was born on February 5th at 8:03 PM. She’s a healthy (and big!) 7 pounds 5 ounces and is 19 inches long. My husband and I couldn’t be more awed and in love with our sweet angel.



That is all.


When Kate still had curves (pre 2007) spam

How does one tie a scarf in such a manner? A friend would like to know.