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I thought I would post this link - provided by RAINN - on where y’all can go to volunteer at rape and domestic violence crisis centers. The site is very helpful and actually helped me find my local center to volunteer with. Please do help out one of these centers. They need all the help they can get as many women like to preach against such violence yet shy away from any of the emotional work that is done as it can be quite overwhelming. But please do.

The link:


Where was Diana for this engagement? Anyone know?

It’s from 1995 when Diana visited the English National Ballet.

Here’s a little fun fact: that video is used to prove Diana’s manipulated body language for the cameras. Note: this is not a bad thing! Many public figures do this to ensure that photogs get a good picture of their reaction to what they’re seeing. This is most obvious in engagements where a handshake can last several seconds. Anywho, as you can see in the video, Diana watches the photogs very closely for most of the engagement and then bases her expressions off of their location. Again, this is not a bad thing. More than likely all modern royals do this or have done this at some point. This is where the phrase “get me from my good side” comes into play!


In 2011 Princess Michael did a mini series about several countries, which included stories of her own journeys, talking about the local history and arts, for Turkish World Travel Channel. 

This is part 1 of the series, about Turkey, which can be watched here. It’s in English with Turkish subtitles.  

Can we just talk about how awesome these four pictures are as a set? It’s like “Hey, I’m Princess Michael of Kent, and I’m going to be telling you about my journeys. You must now listen to me and my stories (as shown with the intense look in picture 4).”

That all you have to say about Beatrice’s outfit! If Catherine worn something that low cut and showing that much boobs everyone (including you) would rip Catherine to pieces. Say how inappropriate and not acting royal (or something). The dress is way too low cut needs more than just needs adjustments. I hate double standards and people have attack Catherine for much less. I like Beatrice and Eugenie. They are blood royals so using other peoples logic she should know better.

What I’ve said about Beatrice:

I have to say that Beatrice’s dress definitely needs adjustments! (LINK)

Yes! If I criticize Kate for this kind of stuff then I have to do the same with the York girls! I think some length at the bottom and some closure at the top would have been nice! (LINK)

She did look beautiful, but I do have to point out that her under-dress was VERY short. So not entirely appropriate. I have to keep this fair! If I talk bad about Kate’s lengths than I have to do that with everyone else! (LINK this one is for the event she did in April)

What I have said about Kate:

Yes to all of this! If it had been in the back I think I would be going gaga over the dress. (LINK)

I’m kind of digging this. The skirt is just a teensy bit short but nothing to cry home about. I think she chose a winner, especially since she adheres to fashion protocol that other attendees are wearing. Usually everyone is dressed up business-like while Kate is in some high street dress, but this is very good. She looks like she belongs with the group of business women. Points for her! (LINK)

Erm Kate, it seems you have missed a button. Let’s keep the girls on lock down, okay? (LINK)

Tape is your friend, Kate! Use it so that when you bend over (especially to very conservative people) you’re breasts aren’t unveiled. (LINK)

So, what was your point again? Seems I’ve said the same thing for both at numerous events. You must have not been thinking of my page.


Dearest Mother,

You stand out as the mother both your sons remember from the adventures of their youth – a beautiful queen and a gifted young girl!


Crown Prince Frederik in his speech to his mother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, at the dinner celebrating her on her 70th birthday, 16 April 2010 [x]